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Mitch Barber has been tattooing since 2011. He got his start as an apprentice at Daddy's Electric Tattoos in Cobourg, Ontario, before moving along to tattoo at Mind Over Matter in Peterborough. He left Mind Over Matter and took a break from full-time tattooing for personal reasons, though he continued to tattoo part-time during his hiatus. Mitch has now returned to full time tattooing, settling in at Precision Studio in downtown Oshawa.

Mitch became interested in art as a young skateboarder in high school, influenced by the stencil-style spraypaint art of skateboarder Jason Adams. He figured out how to cut his own stencils, and began spraypainting on canvas, selling his pieces at punk rock shows. Around this time he also starting buying tattoo magazines and mimicking the tattoos he saw in his sketchbook. He got his first tattoo at 18, and quickly began collecting more, always bringing in his own designs. When he was 19, his tattoo artist, Randy Crossen, offered him an apprenticeship, and the rest is history in the making.

Prior to tattooing and painting, Mitch was a skilled fitter/welder, and during his hiatus, worked in an injection moulding plant making car parts, and ascending to an Assitant Lead Hand position. This industrial experience has instilled a strong work ethic, as well as problem solving skills, and a great "People Person" positive attitude. You can trust that Mitch will apply this ethic to completing your tattoo to your absolute satisfaction, and will do so in a kind, friendly manner.

Traditional tattooing, watercolour, and bright n' bold tattoos are where Mitch likes to spend his time, but he does not shy away from a black and grey tattoo, although realism is an avenue he does not venture down.

Choosing Mitch as the artist for your next tattoo will be a decision you'll be happy you made.

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